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Made possible by the wonders of Mombetsu!

 Hokkaido is surrounded on all sides by the seas. Mombetsu is located on the Sea of Okhotsk which is especially blessed with abundant marine resources. Mombetsu is one of the leading marine product cities in Hokkaido as both a base for coastal fishing and an important center of overseas trade.

 Marukaichi Suisan was established in Mombetsu in 1972. Since then, we have gone nearly a half century making innovations in the marine product processing industry contributing to the development of Mombetsu. Marukaichi Suisan offers amazing products characteristic of Mombetsu filled with the great taste of the seas such as seafood and processed goods from the Okhotsk Sea and live crab imported from our partners in Russia to people all over Japan.

 In recent years, we have strengthened our system of sanitation equipment and quality control with an increasing desire to produce safe food products which provide peace of mind to the consumers. In 2000, we were the first to introduce the HACCP System which is a food product manufacturing management system implemented around the world. We also take actions such as creating new processing plants or installing the latest cutting-edge large equipment every year to keep up with the globalization of the market. Marukaichi Suisan has a complete system which can meet the various demands of the customer in a speedy manner as one of the largest marine product manufacturers in Japan.

 Using the results and experience we have built up over the years as a launching pad, we hope to make rapid progress over the next half century and bring joy to the future with the bounties of the sea.

Representative Director Yuichi Katayama
Yuichi Katayama

Representative Director
Marukaichi Suisan Co., Ltd.

Management Policy

Management strives for endless growth corresponding to the changes of the times.
We want to achieve growth by uniting the morale and vitality of our employees

Corporate Philosophy

The joys of the sea to bring joy to your life

Company Overview

| Main Products |

Snow crab, Red king crab, Blue king crab, Hair crab, Scallops, Rockfish, Salmon, Trout, Salmon roe, Righteye-flounder, Herring, Squid, Octopus, Capelin, Atka mackerel, Botan shrimp, Masu salmon

Main Products

| Major Equipment |

Freezer, flash-freezer, refrigerator, sterile thawing chamber, 20 live crab tanks, large ice maker, brine freezing equipment, steam belt freezer (tunnel freezer)

| Sanitary Equipment |

High precision aqueous hypochlorous acid Haccpper sterilizer/sprayer, ozone water purifier, UV sea water sterilizer, ozone air generator

| Production Line |

Live crab processing line, HACCP certified scallop processing line (live, frozen), section processing line, salmon processing line, salmon roe processing line, dried fish processing line


※Crab,scallops,salmon roe Line

|Factory Information|

Factory Information

Trade name
Marukaichi Suisan Co., Ltd.
Head office
2-11-7 Shinko-cho, Mombetsu-shi, Hokkaido 〒094-0012
Tel : 0158-24-1234 FAX : 0158-23-9272
March 1972
March 1983
Representative Director and President Yuichi Katayama
¥6.3 billion (Period ending February 2016)
200 (including part-time workers)
Import, sales, wholesale, processing and retail of marine products
Engaru Shinkin Bank Monbetsu Branch, Hokkaido Bank Monbetsu Branch, Hokuyo Bank Monbetsu Branch, Mizuho Bank Asahikawa Branch, MUFG Bank Sapporo Branch, Resona Bank Tokyo Chuo Branch
Head office